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Who’s Looking at You, Kid?



On July 4, we celebrate our country’s independence … but that is not the only national holiday in July! Did you know that July 3 is National Compliment Your Mirror Day? What’s not to like about being kinder to yourself? Yet, many of us struggle, doing just that.

Looking yourself in the eye through a mirror can be surprisingly awkward at times, especially if you’re dealing with feelings of shame or low self-worth. But just a few minutes of practice every day can do wonders for your mood and confidence. Start with something easy: I look well-rested today; I always do my best. Then, depending on the challenges with which you are dealing, work your way up to regular affirmations, such as:

To counteract depression

  • I am being taken care of
  • I love myself for what I am going through

To counteract anxiety and panic

  • I am at peace with myself in the present moment
  • I consciously breathe deeply, letting go of anxiety

To counteract addiction

  • I trust myself to make wise decisions
  • I am capable of living a great life

To counteract codependency

  • I am lovable and deserve healthy relationships
  • I let go of trying to fix other people

Why stop at just one day of complimenting yourself in the mirror? Integrate compliments and affirmations as a daily part of your routine. We think it will make a difference in the way you feel. Happy Independence Day from Insights!

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