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Sexual Problems

Dallas Counseling for Sexual Problems

Concerns with sexual functioning are most common in the early adult years, with the majority of people seeking support during their late 20s through 30s. However, both men and

 women can encounter concerns with sexual functioning at any stage of life. 
Sexual dysfunctions are typically classified into four categories: sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and sexual pain disorders. A problem may develop gradually over time, or the concern may occur suddenly as a total or partial inability to participate in one or more stages of the sexual act. The causes of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological, or both. Psychological factors can include interpersonal issues such as relationship problems or psychological concerns such as depression, anxiety, guilt, or past sexual trauma.


Men or Women:

• Inability to feel aroused

• Lack of interest in sex (loss of libido)

• Pain with intercourse (much less common in men than women)

Men :

• Delay or absence of ejaculation, despite adequate stimulation

• Inability to control timing of ejaculation

• Inability to get an erection

• Inability to keep an erection adequately for intercourse


• Burning pain on the vulva or in the vagina with contact to those areas

• Inability to reach orgasm

• Inability to relax vaginal muscles enough to allow intercourse

• Inadequate vaginal lubrication before and during intercourse

• Low libido due to physical/hormonal problems, psychological problems, or relationship problems

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