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Elder Care

Elder care (also called senior care, or senior citizens care) is a broad term used to describe how we care for senior citizens when they are experiencing illness or health challenges, decreased physical mobility, and other limitations often associated with the aging process. Not every senior citizen requires outside support; some can live independently throughout their lives. But many others require assisted living, whether it’s full-time nursing care, adult day care, home care, or even hospice care.

When a person realizes that she or he can no longer live independently, it can cause them to feel sadness, grief, and a sense of hopelessness. The difficulty of completing activities of daily living (ADLs) can be exhausting and overwhelming, and they may resist asking for help because they don’t wish to bother loved ones. In other circumstances, a person may not even realize they need outside help, but a doctor, family member, or friend realizes it for them. The condition may be physical, mental, or emotional, and met with resistance by the person experiencing it.

Whether you or a loved one are needing elder care, speaking to a therapist who specializes in the challenges associated with elder care can be highly beneficial. Call Insights Therapy today at 214.706.0508, click here to email us, or click here to schedule an appointment. Insights offers flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments.