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Online Resources

Here are some online sources that we have found helpful; maybe you will too:

For Parents of Young Children:

A Fine Parent

PBS Parenting 

For Parents of Kids, Toddler through Teens:

Parent Tool Kit

Bradley Hospital – Mental Health Care for Children


For Parenting Tips and Multicultural Family Tips:

Maestra Momma

For Adults with ADD/ADHD:

ADD Association


And here are some APPS That May Assist Good Mental Health:

Smiling Mind (App Store and Google Play) – launch a regular practice of mindfulness meditation, broken down by age group (ranging from age 7 to adult).

Mindshift (App Store and Google Play) – focuses on anxiety management as well as practicing during calm times; techniques included are for handing perfectionism, test anxiety, panic attacks, and more.

Moment (App Store) – easy way to track how much time you spend on your phone each day (talking, scrolling, social media, texting, etc.). Studies have shown a strong correlation between heavy smartphone use and stress, depression, and anxiety.

WhatsMyM3 (App Store and Google Play) – though not a diagnostic tool, checklists included can be good indicators of whether counseling would be beneficial for anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

Calm (App Store) – soothing pictures and sounds provide small but manageable bites of “calm;” options include music, meditation, and sleep suggestions.