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Dallas Counseling for Bulimia

Bulimia is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder. People with bulimia may secretly binge — eating large amounts of food — and then purge, trying to get rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy way. For example, someone with bulimia may force vomiting or do excessive exercise. Sometimes people purge after eating only

 a small snack or a normal-size meal.

Bulimia may be described this way:

  • Frequent episodes of consuming very large amount of food followed by behaviors to prevent weight gain, such as self-induced vomiting.
  • A feeling of being out of control during the binge-eating episodes.
  • Self-esteem overly related to body image.
Bulimia can be categorized in two ways:

  • Purging bulimia – you regularly self-induce vomiting or misuse laxatives, diuretics or enemas after eating
  • Nonpurging bulimia– you use other methods to rid yourself of calories and prevent weight gain, such as fasting, strict dieting or excessive exercise.

People with bulimia are preoccupied with weight and body shape, and may judge themselves severely and harshly for self-perceived flaws. Because it’s related to self-image — and not just about food — bulimia can be difficult to overcome. But effective treatment can help you feel better about yourself, adopt healthier eating patterns and reverse serious complications.

The Insights therapist who specializes in treating bulimia is Jeff Baldridge.  If you are struggling with or concerned about your eating, we encourage you to come in and talk with Jeff. Call Insights Therapy today at 214.706.0508, click here to email us, or click here to schedule an appointment. Insights offers flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments.