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Most therapists are seeing clients in-person, following CDC guidelines. Some therapists are also offering virtual sessions.

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About Us

What We Offer.

Dallas TX Insights Therapy focuses on Counseling for Individuals and Families through all ages and stages of life. We don’t just treat symptoms or isolated causes. Instead, we work with you as a whole person to help you achieve greater fulfillment, more joy, and less anxiety in your life.

Insights Therapy in Dallas provides a comfortable, relaxed, and inviting environment where you can calm your heart, stretch your mind, strengthen your internal resources, and build your skills and endurance to face life’s difficulties. We also offer HIPAA compliant Telehealth sessions.

We use a collaborative practice, which means all our therapists meet weekly to discuss and collaborate on our clients’ therapy processes. Our clients benefit not only from the education, training, skills, and experience of their own individual Insights therapist but also from the synergy of the entire Insights group.

What We Seek.

At Insights, we believe no matter how long a therapist has been in practice, no one has all the answers. We savor the process of learning. In our weekly collaboration meetings, all levels of therapists—from those specializing in counseling for family and individuals, to our play therapist, to our depression therapist—are encouraged to express their views and ask questions about the therapeutic processes of our clients. Just as our clients are diverse, so are our therapists’ backgrounds and life experiences. We regularly invite outside professionals to share and teach us with their expertise on various subjects or perhaps bring in a case on which we work together.

Let’s Get Together.

We offer flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments. If you’re not sure which Insights therapist is a good fit for you, we are happy to make a recommendation. Our Dallas TX area therapists are here to serve you.

We consider it an honor that you’re inviting us to be an integral part of your life. The best therapist in Dallas for you is just a call or a click away. Call us at 214.706.0508, click here to contact us or click here to request an appointment.



When someone decides to enter into counseling, often he or she is motivated by a sense of urgency. Generally new clients are able to see an Insights therapist within 48 hours of contacting us.