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Support for Caregivers

Are you part of the “sandwich generation,” caring for both children/teens and elderly parent/relatives? If so, you know that life can sometimes feel overwhelming—and that is true for any caregiver, no matter how much you love the person or persons for whom you are caring. Time and physical demands including jobs, household chores, taking care of finances, pets, and daily activities all require your attention, even when you’re exhausted and feel as though you don’t have anything left to give.

That’s why support for caregivers is so important; we may not always have control over what we “must” do for others, but we do have control over how we manage it. Practicing self-care (things like eating healthfully, getting regular exercise, having quiet time for prayer or meditation) as well as talking about our feelings with others can be highly beneficial in making the caregiver feel supported. While sharing feelings with family and friends has its own rewards, speaking with a therapist who specializes in support for caregivers can help a person look at things from a different perspective, with different ideas for how to better manage the situation.

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