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Dallas Counseling for Co-Dependency

Defining co-dependency is a difficult undertaking. Originally the term was used to describe a person who was in a relationship with some type of addict. However, over the years the term has  broadened to a description something like this — a co-dependent is a person who is psychologically dependent on another person to meet their own psychological needs. These are needs that should be met on their own, from within. The following are some signs and symptoms of do-dependent behavior.

•    distrust
•    perfectionism
•    avoidance of feelings
•    intimacy problems
•    caretaking behavior
•    hypervigilance (a heightened awareness for potential threat/danger)
•    denial
•    low self-esteem
•    compliance
•    avoidance of confrontation  

For a complete list of Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence, click here.

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