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Parenting Problems

Dallas Counseling for Parenting Problems

Issues surrounding limit-setting and addressing behavioral challenges are common struggles for many parents.  Parents often find a need to set limits in order to assure safety, decrease chaos, and
promote healthy socioemotional and psychological development.  Limit-setting is essential for children and adolescents in all stages of development as children often are unable to set limits for themselves.  However, with healthy limit-setting and follow-through children gradually begin to set their own limits and regulate their behavior and emotions independently.  Without consistent use of limits and follow-through, children feel insecure and experience psychological stress.
Below is a limit-setting technique promoted by play therapy expert Dr. Garry L. Landreth.  This is a three-step technique which involves acknowledgement of the child’s feeling, communication of the parent’s limit, and suggestion of an alternate behavior or action which is more appropriate.
Three Step Process (A.C.T.):
1.    Acknowledge the feeling:
“I know you would really like to….” or
“I can see you are feeling very….”
2.    Communicate the limit:
“….but you may not_______… (because…)” or
“but your sister is not for hitting” or
“but the answer is no.”
3.    Target an alternative:
“You can _______ if you would like” or
“What you can do is________.”

Examples of this three-step A.C.T. process put together:

  • “I know you would really like to go outside to play, but you may not because it is raining.  You can choose to either complete a puzzle or we can play a game together.”
  • “I can see you felt very angry / hurt when your sister was making fun of you, but your sister is not for hitting.  When you feel angry you can choose to either hit a pillow or bang on your toy drum.”
  • “I know you do not like to take your medicine, but whether or not you take medicine is not a choice because it’s something your body needs to get better.  However, you can choose to either take it [with juice or with yogurt] or [through a syringe or a cup].”
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