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Do You Want More from Therapy?

Good news! Insights Founder, Mary Sanger, LMFT-S, LPC-S, LCDC, has released her first book, written with you in mind —whether you’re currently in therapy and want to expedite the process, contemplating therapy for the first time or have tried it in the past with dissatisfying results. Ready to Talk: A Companion Guide to Psychotherapy is a hands-on aid providing basic tools, concepts and information about human behavior and the therapeutic process.
Have you often wondered:

  • Why can’t I change my life?
  • What’s my true passion?
  • How can I stop repeating the same mistakes?
  • Why do others seem to take advantage of me?
  • Is this really “as good as it gets”?

In an easy-to-read format, Ready to Talk walks you through the answers to these questions and many more. You’ll find helpful ways of looking at old behavior patterns, case examples of other people experiencing similar challenges and written exercises to help you better understand how therapy can bring you closer to your basic, authentic self. Available at Order your paperback copy today for only $10.95 or as an e-book for $7.99.

To purchase Ready to Talk, click here

If you have children who worry, Little Worm: A Story About Worry can help.

This new book, written by Insights therapist Laura Ann Elpers Pierce, models how to handle worry and anxiety when things don’t turn out the way we expect. Join Little Worm as he learns how to readjust his plans and work through his anxiety.

Little Wormshows anxious children that, while worry can be both positive and negative, learning how to use it in a more productive way makes life less worrisome—and more enjoyable.

For more information about Laura, specializing in Child and Adolescent Therapy, Parenting Issues, Play Therapy, and Filial Therapy, click here.

Click here to purchase Little Worm: A Story About Worry








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