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Couples Therapist

We can’t change other people…or can we? This question is often at the center of problems that we repeatedly experience in our spousal or significant other relationships. While it is true that we typically cannot change others (at least not those who do not wish to change), we can dramatically improve our relationships with them when we open up the lines of communication, set realistic goals and make a firm commitment to reach those goals. Sometimes couples can do these things on their own but many find it extremely helpful to enlist the help of a couple therapist. Most couples have the “want to”; they just need to learn the “how to”.

Insights Therapy offers highly experienced couple therapists who will:

  • Assess your relationship issues, both as individuals and as a couple
  • Offer insight as to how those issues are affecting the state of your relationship
  • Provide valuable tools to open and improve the way you communicate with your loved one

Why wait another day to start improving one of your most important relationships? Let a couple therapist from Insights Therapy help you. Call us at 214.706.0508 or email us

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