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Couples and Family Therapy


Our family home should be our haven — a place where we know unconditional love, uncompromised safety, laughter and joy. But when members of a family experience difficulty at home, it seems nothing else in life works quite right either. Many unplanned life events such as divorce, mental illness and substance abuse can disrupt the family unit, causing love to quickly dissolve and be replaced by anger and anxiety. For a family in turmoil, couple and family therapy is often the first step in regaining the happiness and balance once known.


Insights Therapy offers both couples and family therapy that is focused on:

  • The family’s problems, its dynamics and individual personalities
  • The role each member plays in both the problem(s) and the solution(s)
  • Opening the lines of communication with an emphasis on mutual respect and conflict resolution

If you are in need of couple and family therapy, let Insights Therapy help you. Our therapists are highly trained to treat most problems and all ages. We can be reached at 214.706.0508, send us an email at, or click here to schedule an appointment or to request more information.

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