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Counseling for Teens

Mood swings. Anger. Sarcasm. Silence. Though these behaviors are certainly not uncommon in teenagers, they can be very difficult to handle and their sources very difficult to pinpoint. Whether you are a teenager or the parent of one, Insights Therapy offers counseling for teens in a number of areas including addiction, ADD/ADHD, anger management, coping with bullying, cutting, depression, divorce, eating disorders, social withdrawal and stress. We know that being a teenager is challenging enough – for the teen and the parents — without the added pressures of emotional anxiety. Counseling for teens is often the first step taken in the journey toward positive emotional growth and emotional health.


Is Counseling For Teens Necessary?

Each situation, and teen, is unique. While some teens possess the tools, intellect and even the motivation to get past their emotional challenges, many struggle. Some teens feel too embarrassed to discuss their issues with family or friends. Others are willing to talk, but family and friends may not be prepared to deal objectively and skillfully with their problems. Both would receive great benefit from counseling for teens.

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