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Most therapists are seeing clients in-person, following CDC guidelines. Some therapists are also offering virtual sessions.

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Counseling Dallas

Counseling Dallas

There are many choices when it comes to counseling Dallas — whether you are struggling with addiction, anger management, relationship issues, difficulty in coming out, or children’s behavioral problems, solutions, though plentiful, can also seem overwhelming. Therapy is a highly useful tool in unburdening emotional stress and teaching the problem-solving skills needed to increase happiness and contentment — in a safe and non-judgmental environment. But how do you know which therapist is best for you? Why choose Insights Therapy for counseling Dallas?


How Is Insights Therapy Different?

Our approach is a collaborative therapy practice, meaning that all our therapists meet weekly to discuss and collaborate on our clients’ therapy processes—therefore, each client benefits from the varied education, training, skills and experience of our therapists as a group. We are available to help individuals and families find their way through all life stages—childhood, adolescent and adulthood, in an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. For counseling Dallas, please call us today at 214.706.0508. We offer flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend appointments, and are happy to recommend one of our highly qualified therapists based on your individual needs.



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