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Are Your Communication Skills Helping…or Hurting You?

Healthy communication with others involves much more than simply verbal exchanges: silence, gestures, behaviors, and expressions are all ways of putting our thoughts and feelings out into the world. While babies do a terrific job of letting us know what they feel and need, unfortunately, many of us learn as children to suppress our emotions and as a result, our communication skills, too. Do you keep bumping into the same challenges in your relationships—and they always seem to involve communication (or a lack thereof)? Take this short quiz to find out:

  1. You tend to let feelings such as anger and frustration build up, then find yourself “blowing up” at seemingly small incidents. YES or NO
  2. Friends and family often ask why you’re being so defensive. YES or NO
  3. You sometimes hide your motives, then sabotage others behind their backs (e.g., agreeing to meet a friend for coffee when you don’t want to, then showing up very late). YES or NO
  4. You associate “assertive” communication with someone who is bossy, pushy, or selfish. YES or NO
  5. You know, deep down, that better communication skills would probably serve you well in both personal and professional relationships. YES or NO

If you answered YES to at least three of these questions, you may benefit by speaking to a professional therapist specializing in personal relationships. For more information, click here (insert hyperlink to appropriate web page).

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