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What’s Bugging You (in the bedroom)?

Sexual fulfillment is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In a healthy relationship, sex provides not only increased intimacy, enhanced self-esteem and pure joy; it also offers significant benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

Except . . . when it doesn’t.

For the millions of people struggling with sexual issues,

the very thought of sex is a painful reminder of what isn’t working in their lives. From low libido to porn addiction, coming-out struggles to sexual compulsivity, gender identity crisis to a lack of communication with your partner — these concerns are core components of our sexual lives and inevitably impact the way we define ourselves. Taking the first step to admit that we want and deserve a mutually satisfying sexual relationship is key, but this must be followed up with action.

Sometimes sexual issues are the result of simply getting in a “rut” or because sex is placed low on a couple’s priority list. But they can also be tied to emotional struggles or unresolved problems — whatever the underlying factors, discussing them with a qualified therapist can be a highly beneficial experience. Clients who are initially embarrassed even talking about their sexuality soon discover that verbalizing their concerns in a relaxed setting provides both relief from their shame as well as helpful, non-judgmental feedback from the therapist. If the problem centers on sexual performance, the therapist will likely refer the client to a medical doctor to first rule out any potential health concerns or biological causes.

If your sexual life is giving you more pain than pleasure, it’s time for a change. Through a comfortable counseling relationship, you can learn to identify your sexual goals, heal any wounds that need healing and move toward optimal sexual, physical and emotional health.

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