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The Purpose of Repurposing

If you know and love anyone who lived through The Great Depression (and following, World War II), you’re probably familiar with how resourceful people can became during difficult times. When certain foods were rationed, Americans planted Victory Gardens to supplement their diets. When nylon material was diverted to create military equipment, women used leg makeup and eye pencils to mimic the look of stockings.

Well, here we are again, facing challenges we never knew we would.

But there’s hope, too: Americans are pretty darn good at repurposing. We’re creative, innovative, and determined.

Practically overnight, and yes, by necessity, many restaurants and bars have turned their dine-in businesses into delivery/curbside operations and mini grocery/liquor stores. We’ve placed our grown children’s stuffed animals in our windows so that little ones, walking with their parents during quarantine, can enjoy a scavenger hunt. We’ve created “drive-by” birthday parties, decorating our cars with leftover decorations and handmade signs, in honor of the celebrant. We’ve rediscovered our porches—not so long ago, places that were little more than a repository for delivered packages—as a way to stay connected when we must be apart.

How can you enjoy some repurposing today?

Maybe you can pull out an unfinished story or piece of art you put on your backburner and breathe new life into it. Or craft a picture frame with your child, using leftover buttons, or shells from last year’s beach vacation.

If you have colored Easter eggs in the fridge, why not make interesting deviled eggs with them? Here are some recipes you might enjoy (we have our taste buds set on the pan-crisped version, served on lettuce), including ways to use up leftover ham and dinner rolls (monkey bread!). Or, if you have packaged yeast on hand, really jazz up your holiday meal with these hot cross buns. Traditions are important. The point is to think outside the box and simply enjoy yourself.

And remember … Insights understands the fear and concern surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and are committed to doing all we can to stay connected and keep you and your family mentally and emotionally healthy. We are now offering Telehealth sessions for your safety and ours.

We’re here for you. And we will get through this. Together, we can do hard things.

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