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Parenting Skills


“I wish I could take a class in parenting skills!”

In a moment of frustration, have you ever said that very thing? To be sure, raising a child in today’s society is no easy task. Children today potentially face a number of challenges that have become more common only in the past few years and we, as parents, are not always equipped to help them deal with these challenges: behavioral problems, depression, cyber-bullying, obesity, eating disorders, parental divorce, choking games, steroid use and more. Whether your children are experiencing significant social, behavioral or emotional issues or you would simply like to connect with them more deeply, therapy can teach you parenting skills that are highly beneficial to both you and your family.

What Will I Learn in Parenting Skills Therapy?

Parenting skills therapy is designed to work with your unique family and its individual personalities as well as your family’s goals. Your therapist will help you recognize the things in your family’s dynamic that are going well, and make appropriate adjustments to the things that are causing conflict. At times, the therapy session might include only you and/or your partner; other times, the child (or children) will also be involved. Parenting skills therapy is an excellent modality for getting parents to connect or re-connect with their children, regardless of personal circumstances.

If you are considering parenting skills therapy, call Insights Therapy today at 214.706.0508, click here to email us, or click here to schedule an appointment. . We specialize in parenting skills therapy as well as numerous other therapies that can benefit the family. We offer flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments. If you’re not sure which Insights therapist is a good fit for you, we are happy to make a recommendation based on your individual needs.

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