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Date Your Mate


Whether you’re in a new relationship or friendship, an intimate relationship, or perhaps struggling with some “blah” feelings in a long-term commitment—every relationship (romantic, platonic or simply friends) can benefit by trying something new and different, together. Shared experiences have the capability to create depth and fond memories, and since May is “Date Your Mate” month, it’s the perfect time get outside of your comfort zone with someone you care about. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Choose a book together that is not something either of you would normally read (or a topic you know nothing about), then set a time to discuss it. Even if you don’t end up liking the book, chances are you will both have fun and gain increased knowledge.
  • If you’re not readers, try the same with a movie that is outside your go-to genre.
  • Spa days, couple massages, joint manis/pedis can be wonderfully relaxing and a time for bonding, especially if one or both of you is someone who would typically not feel comfortable doing these types of things alone.
  • Revisit a place you once went to together, perhaps several years ago. Enjoy some time talking about how your relationship/friendship has changed over the years; what were your first impressions of each other? What is something you have come to admire about the other person?
  • In a world of texts, phone calls, emails and social media posts, write your SO/buddy a brief card or letter, letting them know what you appreciate most about your relationship.

Happy Date Your Mate month from Insights.

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