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Be a Goof

March 22nd is National Goof Off Day!

Can you remember the last time YOU unplugged, disengaged and became one with … nothing? Doing nothing, or next to nothing, can seem like doing something “wrong.” Many of us keep such a long “to do” list and busy schedule that goofing off, doing nothing, and simply playing just seems wrong to us.

What if, instead, we looked at doing nothing but goofing off and having fun as doing something good for ourselves? Goofing off can lower stress, worry and anxiety. Goofing off is a form of play. We play because it’s fun, it feels good, and it stimulates those feel-good hormones – dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.

Here are a few suggestions but, by all means, just have fun and come up with a few of your own ways to goof off for the day:

  • Have a solo dance party. Turn on your favorite music, let loose, and have a blast all by yourself.
  • Take a long walk outdoors.
  • Take a nap.
  • Take 5-10 minutes to stretch.
  • Listen to music.
  • Play with your dog or cat.
  • Stop in for a 20-minute chair massage.
  • Draw, doodle or paint.
  • Listen to a podcast or book on tape (not work-related).
  • Spend time doing a hobby you love.
  • Write a kind or funny message to your neighbors on the sidewalk with chalk.
  • Do a crossword puzzle or sudoku.
  • Look at old photos or videos.
  • Sing or whistle out loud.
  • Go on a drive.
  • Cozy up to a warm fire with a good book or your favorite magazine.
  • Turn off your notifications for the day.
  • Go to a park and swing, go down the slide and hang from the monkey bars.
  • Write someone a handwritten note or letter.
  • Write positive messages on sticky notes and place them around your house, workspace or car.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Plan your next vacation.
  • Take yourself out for lunch or dinner.
  • Watch cute animal or baby videos on YouTube.
  • Watch a movie or favorite old television show.
  • Watch the sun set.

Take some time this month to do a little goofing off.

Happy March from Insights.

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