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Where Are the Good Guys?

Dear Roz,

Can you please help me? I am 58 years old, a not-scaggy-looking broad, fairly interesting, very benevolent and generous. I’ve been married (been there, done that) and don’t want to be married. I would, however, like to meet a nice man or men and have a loving relationship. The field seems very narrow at this age. I don’t hang out in bars. How do I meet nice, available guys? Your advice, please.

—Unattached But Available

Dear Unattached,

The most important aspect of attracting the right guy is to have mutual values and shared interests. No, wait, there’s something even more important: that YOU be a complete and delighted single. (here’s another referral to Big Girl Panties)

So what does that mean? That you do those things and attend those events and learn those skills that YOU like. Will you meet him there? Maybe, maybe not. But you can make new friends, male and female, and we can always use new friends. Friends tend to introduce you to other friends, etc etc And many a friendship has ripened into lover-hood. Mine did. It’s the best possible way to start a relationship.

By the way, please don’t be rigid about age expectations. I know people who are deliriously happy with a Honey 10 or 15 years older or younger.

I’m one of them!

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