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In Praise of the Porch

A few of us at Insights reside in East Dallas, where many homes are (by Texas standards) quite old—60-100 years—and many have covered porches. It’s easy to imagine them, many years ago, with entire families sitting outside on a hot Dallas night, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio, trying to escape the oppressive heat of un-airconditioned homes.

And then, as technology improved and televisions got larger, and kids discovered gaming devices, we learned how to communicate electronically without ever leaving our homes. We left our porches and joined our couches.

Today, the porch is making a comeback.

And not just the porch but also the tiny apartment balcony and even the open window—all places from which we can, from a safe distance, wave or sing to each other, shout a cheery hello, and clap and cheer for the heroes on the front line and in our daily lives.

We’ll get through this. Together, we can do hard things. But in the meantime, we have some quiet time to enjoy our porches and our families, and an opportunity to reflect on how important it is to stay connected, in whatever way we can.

And remember … Insights understands the fear and concern surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and are committed to doing all we can to stay connected and keep you and your family mentally and emotionally healthy. We are now offering Telehealth sessions for your safety and ours.




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