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“I Miss My Routine”

Many of us have experienced changes to our routines over the past few days—drastic, unexpected changes. Perhaps we’re suddenly working from home, or our children are now home/online schooling, or, if we are elderly or have health challenges, aren’t able to leave our homes at all—even for groceries or a cup of coffee.

Most people crave routine, at least to some degree—whether it’s stopping by a favorite coffee shop and chatting with the barista, hitting the gym before the office, or Friday meetups with friends. Not being able to do these things can cause frustration and sadness. And for people who are schedule sticklers, these changes can produce a great deal of anxiety.

Routines remain important, especially during times of uncertainty. There is something to be said for “knowing what to expect” on a smaller scale during a time when we “don’t know what to expect” on a larger one. Routines, like traditions, can be comforting as well as save you time and effort.

What are some things you can still build into a routine among the chaos?

  • Waking up at the same time every day and enjoying five minutes of quiet time, prayer or meditation
  • Going for a walk or run every day (or doing yoga, calisthenics, etc. when the weather is bad)
  • Making tea and a small snack for yourself and/or your family every afternoon (herbal tea is a good idea if you’re already anxious)
  • Taking thirty minutes after dinner for self-care: reading, doing your nails, covering your grays, enjoying a bath, calling a friend
  • Designating a family gaming hour (or enjoying online gaming with friends)

Write down your routine and post it where everyone can see it. These are appointments you are making with yourself and/or your family—for everyone’s best interests. Treat them as such.

And remember … Insights understands the fear and concern surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and are committed to doing all we can to stay connected and keep you and your family mentally and emotionally healthy. We are now offering Telehealth sessions for your safely and ours.

We’re here for you. And we will get through this. Together, we can do hard things.


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