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Focus on Family Fun


As summer break nears its end, many of us are experiencing that last-minute rush of trying to cram in so many things before school starts again—vacations, visiting relatives, school supply shopping, and so on. While a family trip may sound relaxing, the truth is—traveling with children is often anything but. August is Family Fun Month, so Insights would like to share a few ideas for making memories with your loved ones … that don’t involve packing five suitcases or repeatedly answering the question, Are we there yet?

  • Go on a scavenger hunt – remember how much you enjoyed these as a kid? Create a list for each family member and look for things you can easily find outside (feathers, certain types of plants/trees, etc.). If the heat has you beat, head to a mall and use your phones to take pictures of the items on your list (store names/logos, plants, ice cream shop, etc.).
  • Exercise with your family – show them how to properly/safely lift small weights, do sit-ups and push-ups, stretch, jump rope, play hopscotch, etc. You’ll get your workout in and model for your little ones the importance of taking care of our bodies.
  • Too toasty for an outdoor picnic? Have one indoors. Spread a blanket on the living room floor, make sandwiches (or order takeout), play some music, and enjoy family conversation.
  • For kids old enough to read, let them help you with those long school supply lists. Break them down into smaller chunks and give them some autonomy on the colors of their notebooks, backpacks, pens and pencils, etc. Ask them to compare prices and see which selections seem to be a better bargain (they may as well start using those math skills again!).

Happy August from Insights.


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