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Do I Sin in My Sleep?

Dear Roz,

I’ve been married for almost 10 years, but lately I’ve been having dreams about other men. They aren’t even sexual dreams, but random men I’ve known in the past keep showing up. Is this an indication that something might be wrong with my marriage? Is it normal to think about other men even if you’re happily married?

Dear Friend,

Is it normal to think about other men? Lord, I HOPE so! Otherwise you put 50% of the human race off limits! Of course, if you start obsessing about them, or obsessing about fear of obsessing, etc., you can drive yourself crazy.

Enjoy your marriage, love your husband, get some entertainment value out of your dreams, and stop worrying.

By the way, dreams are a way we talk to ourselves from our Unconscious while we’re asleep and the brain’s gatekeepers are off duty. One of these days I’ll do a whole column on dreams and how you can incorporate their wisdom into your waking life. Meantime, play with the idea that all the parts of your dream are actually aspects of yourself, creating a little play to enlighten you. Interesting notion, isn’t it?

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