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Are Your Boundaries In Place?

Boundaries help define our relationships, and work in two directions: They allow us to determine how closely we let others in, and help ensure we don’t intrude on other people’s boundaries. The problem is, when our boundaries are either too rigid or too loose, we run the risk of getting into inappropriate relationships with others—not only intimate relationships but also day-to-day contact with those around you. Are your boundaries healthy? Take this short quiz to find out:

  1. You’re very uncomfortable when new acquaintances touch you (hugging, shaking hands, etc.) but you rarely say anything. YES or NO
  2. You often feel responsible for managing others’ emotions (e.g., your child’s crying, spouse’s anger, boss’ unrealistic expectations, etc.). YES or NO
  3. Sometimes, it’s just “easier” to ignore boundary intrusion than it is to speak up for yourself. YES or NO
  4. You often regret “saying too much” to people you’ve just met. YES or NO

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may benefit by speaking to a professional therapist specializing in boundary setting. For more information, click here (insert hyperlink to appropriate web page).

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