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An Attitude of Gratitude

They say it’s difficult to feel depressed when you’re practicing gratitude. But there are many other reasons to try incorportaing more gratitude into your life, including a greater sense of connection to others and overall, more positive feelings toward life. While keeping a gratitude journal is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to practice gratitude, there are dozens of other ways to go about it.

This month, as we celebrate Thanksgiving, try a few of these gratitude grabbers to brighten up your days:

– Make a point to thank the people who serve you in your community: the bus driver, cashier at your favorite coffee shop or grocery store, security guard in your office building, etc.
– Write a note to a teacher who has been especially kind to your child
– Introduce yourself to the fellow dog walker/neighbor whose path you cross every morning (it’s about time you knew their name!)
– Call a friend with whom you haven’t spoken in a while
– Watch uplifting videos on social media (and nix the negative ones … for good)
– Enjoy a cup of tea while you watch the sunset

– And perhaps most importantly, later this month, take a moment to give thanks for the people and food all around you

Happy Thanksgiving from Insights.



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