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Be Prepared to Discuss in Mediation:

Issues Relating to Children

____ Child support


____ Child custody (legal)


____ Child custody (physical)


____ Time with the other parent


____ Grandparent visitation


____ Visitation with stepchildren


____ Health insurance for children


____ Dental insurance for children


____ Uninsured health care costs


____ College education


____ Residence in the marital homestead


____ Beneficiaries of life insurance policies


____ Claiming children as dependents for income tax purposes


____ Religious upbringing of children


Property Issues

____ Equity in homestead


____ Other real property


____ Home furnishings


____ Business assets


____ Professional practices


____ Professional degrees


____ Retirement benefits (pensions, IRAs, 401(k) plans)


____ Motor vehicles


____ Recreational vehicles


____ Personal property


____ Savings accounts


____ Stocks, bonds, and funds


____ Compensation for contributions as homemaker


____ Hidden assets


____ Debts


Spousal Support Issues

____ Entitlement to support


____ How much?


____ How long?


____ Continued health care coverage through COBRA


Other Issues

____ Domestic violence


____ Order for protection


____ Child abuse


____ Parental kidnapping


____ Restoration of maiden name


____ Post-divorce nonfinancial support


____ Attorney’s fees and expenses


Mary Sanger is a trained mediator in divorce and family mediation.