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Shawn Chrisman

Ph.D. in Human Sexuality (Widener University), LPC

Dallas, Texas Therapist Specializing in Relationship and Sexual Issues, Infidelity, Communcation Building, Sexual Problems, Gender Counseling and Identity

Intimacy & Sexuality . . . Do these two words bring about feelings of discomfort, shame, guilt or inadequacy? Are you struggling with an issue around sexuality?

When you feel good about your most intimate relationship with a significant other, you experience daily joy, better relationships with your partner and are able to offer the best of yourself.  When you have a concern about intimacy or sexuality, you may struggle with your relationships or experience anxiety and depression.

In counseling, we work together to overcome:

  • Low desire and lack of intimacy in relationships
  • Sexual performance concerns (e.g., erectile dysfunction, sexual pain, rapid ejaculation)
  • Disclosure or exploration of attraction, gender identity, BDSM lifestyles
  • Porn addiction or other client-identified problematic sexual behaviors
  • Recovery from sexual trauma

With a specialization in sexuality, I additionally work with individuals and couples in navigating polyamorous or open relationships. Clients may come in with a concern about sexual orientation, gender identity or interest in kink activities; we work together to explore how this is impacting the client and how best to move forward. My approach to therapy is Individual Psychology. As individuals, we hold a basic interest in the welfare of others. This interest, along with an individual’s way of seeing the world, drives the choices we make. I believe we are all naturally motivated to work towards positive outcomes in our lives. Along the way, we may encounter areas in our lives that we feel are obstacles to accomplishing our personal life goals. Through the counseling relationship, we will identify your goals and work to improve areas you feel need some work to get you back on track.

In my previous (career) life, I worked in professional sports, agency, retail and start-up environments. After 11 years in marketing and advertising, I decided to take an exit ramp from the world of business and move over to the world of counseling and psychology. I hold a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Mississippi State University, a Master’s in Sports Management from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master’s of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University.  I am a member of American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, National Association for Alcoholism, and Drug Abuse Counselors and Texas Counseling Association. When not in the office, I am training for a half-marathon, learning to cook or refining my amateur photographic skills.  I also enjoy traveling, whether it’s a day trip to a hidden gem in Texas or a plane ride away. I am full of random facts, especially when it comes to 80’s trivia.  When we work together, let’s see if I can answer your trivia question!

Here are some of my recent speaking engagements and publications:

  • SMU Feb 2013 -“Sexuality on Campus”
  • UT Dallas November 2013 – “Finding LGBT-Friendly Medical Practitioners” More info
  • UT Dallas January 2014 Brown Bag Luncheon – “Asexuality” More info
  • Letter to Editor “Additional Considerations Regarding Barebacking Contradictions” Qualitative Health Research (journal) May 2013

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor.



My rate is $160 for a 50-minute session. Click here to request an appointment.

A quote that resonates with me:

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself." -- Montaigne (1533-1592)


What are these forms?

  1. Adult Intake Form, Minor Intake Form. These forms provide information about you or your child so Insights can craft therapy to be as effective and efficient as possible. Some questions are personal and may be sensitive or even uncomfortable. They are asked in an effort to quickly begin building a complete picture of who you or your child are, which in turn will save valuable therapy time. All client records are strictly confidential and will not be seen by anyone without your written permission unless required by law. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your therapist.
  2. Informed Consent to Treat form.  This form details your rights and responsibilities as a client and consents for me to treat you.

 Which forms should I use?

If you are an adult, use these forms:

If your child is the new client, use these forms:

 What do I do with these forms?

Please print, complete and bring your Adult Intake Form or Minor Intake Form and Informed Consent to Treat forms to your first session. That way, we will be able to begin your therapy at the start of the first appointment.