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Sex Therapy


Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy.  Through sex therapy, a client can address his or her concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy.  The sex therapist treats either individuals or partners, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation.  Sex therapy does not involve physical contact; it is talk therapy.  The goal of sex therapy is for the client to achieve an active and satisfying sex life and to regain shared intimacy.

Sexual problems can be classified into categories:

  • sexual desire disorders (decreased or excessive sexual desire)
  • sexual arousal disorders (erectile dysfunction or impotence; frigidity)
  • orgasm disorders (premature orgasm, delay of orgasm, or absence of orgasm)
  • sexual pain disorders (dyspareunia [painful intercourse] and vaginismus [involuntary spasm of the muscles of the vaginal wall which interferes with intercourse])
  • unwanted sexual fetishes
  • sexual addiction
  • depression, anxiety or other related issues with coming out
  • challenges with identifying as a sexual minority
  • gender identity conflicts
  • negotiating polyamorous and other sexually diverse relationships

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