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Documents You May Need to Have Ready

____ Individual and business income tax returns for the past three to five years (federal, state, and local)


____ Proof of your current income


____ Proof of your spouse’s current income


____ Prenuptial agreement (if any)


____ Postmarital or partition agreement (if any)


____ Separation agreement (if any)


____ Bank statements


____ Certificates of deposit


____ Pension statements


____ Retirement account statements


____ Trusts


____ Stock portfolios


____ Stock options


____ Mortgages


____ Property tax statements


____ Credit card statements


____ Loan documents


____ Utility bills


____ Other bills (e.g. school tuition, unreimbursed medical bills, music lessons for children, etc.)


____ Monthly budget worksheet


____ Completed financial statements


____ Employment contracts


____ Benefits statements


____ Life insurance policies


____ Health insurance policies


____ Homeowner’s insurance policies


____ Automobile insurance policies


____ Personal property appraisals


____ Real property appraisals


____ List of personal property (including home furnishings, jewelry, artwork, computers, home office equipment, clothing and furs, etc.)


____ List of property owned by each spouse prior to marriage


____ List of property acquired by each spouse individually by gift or inheritance during the marriage


____ List of contents of safety deposit boxes


____ Wills


____ Living wills


____ Powers of attorney


____ Durable powers of attorney and


____ Advance health care directives


Mary Sanger is a trained mediator in divorce and family mediation.