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Child-Parent RelationshipTherapy

Filial Therapy (also called Child-Parent Relationship Therapy) provides an opportunity for parents to be trained as the primary therapeutic agent for his or her child.  Filial Therapy teaches parents new ways to interact with their child, thus improving the parent-child relationship, alleviating family difficulties, and preventing future problems. During Filial Therapy, the therapist trains, supervises and supports the parents as they begin to learn what their child may be communicating though their play. As a part of the Filial Therapy process, parents learn skills such as empathetic listening, structuring, child-centered imaginary play, limit setting and choice giving.

Filial Therapy is typically structured over 10 weeks, with one session a week. The training process of Filial Therapy typically lasts for the first 4 to 5 sessions. After the parents have been trained, they begin to conduct “special playtime” at home with their child. During these play sessions, the parents utilize the skills they learned during their time with the therapist. Parents will meet with the therapist to discuss the play sessions. Parents will receive feedback on things they are doing well and will also be given suggestions for improvement. As the play sessions continue, parents will begin to discuss changes they see in their child. 

During Filial Therapy, parents learn a great deal about their child and their relationship. Parents are likely to see an improvement in their child’s behavior and in the child-parent relationship as well. Filial Therapy can be used to eliminate serious problems or can be used as an educational tool to help prevent problems from occurring. Either way, many parents find the experience to be rewarding. Children also enjoy the experience, as they are able to interact with their parents in a new, fun way. 

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