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Most therapists are seeing clients in-person, following CDC guidelines. Some therapists are also offering virtual sessions.

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Talk Therapy

Talk therapy involves talking to someone who is professionally trained to help you manage feelings and behaviors that are creating problems for you and/or others.  It is a highly useful tool in resolving problems, discovering new and healthier ways of looking at issues, and improving relationships and communication with others. The talk therapy session may include only the client and therapist, or they may agree that others such as family members should occasionally be included. Each talk therapist has his or her own therapeutic style and techniques. While some clients prefer a therapist with strong listening skills, allowing the client to do most of the talking, others prefer a therapist with more of a conversational style. Let us help you determine which Insights therapist will work best with your personality, concerns and goals. We also offer HIPAA compliant Telehealth sessions.