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Jennifer Tipton Aguilar


Dallas, Texas Therapist Specializing in Child and Adolescent Therapy, Play Therapy, Activity Therapy, Family-Child Relationships, Parent/Caregiver Consultations, Filial Therapy, Young Adults & Millennials, New Mothers

Jennifer Tipton

Jennifer Tipton

Although counseling is my second career, I have always had a deep compassion for others. My career path began as an elementary teacher of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. After six years of working in education, I transitioned into counseling in private practice. Now, years into my practice, I still find great joy and purpose in helping young adults, Millennials, new mothers, children, and families find hope and healing.

We all want to be truly seen and unconditionally accepted. When pain arises, it is disorienting and increases the need for acceptance. It can be difficult for both adults and children to identify or verbally articulate their thoughts and emotions.

Children’s behavior issues like aggression, tantrums, defiance, changes in school performance, eating, sleeping, anxiety, and regression are often the indicator for parents and caregivers that children are asking for help. These behaviors are often overwhelming and alarming, leaving the children and those who care for them feeling helpless. Through consultation, I explore concerns at home and school and partner with caregivers to find ways to help support the child. Children are given the opportunity to work through their thoughts and feelings in a developmentally appropriate way during our play time together, using toys and materials as words while feeling the support of the therapeutic relationship. I offer both in-person counseling and online counseling.

I am a small town, country girl living in the big city, having spent part of my childhood on a large cattle ranch in New Mexico where I fell in love with the serenity found in nature and animals. My self-care time includes spending time with my loved ones, yoga, exploring all things Dallas, walking in nature, writing, creating, and daydreaming about home renovation projects.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Baylor University and later attended Southern Methodist University where I earned my Master of Science in Counseling with a focus on play therapy and school counseling. I work primarily with children ages 7 and up, teens, young adults, Millennials, new mothers, and also in consultation with parents and caregivers.

My rate is $150 for a 50-minute session. I see couples and families for a 80-minute session for $225. Click here to request an appointment.

A quote that resonates with me:

The wound is the place where the light enters you. -- Rumi


Note to Therapist

*Please submit no later than 9:00am on the day of your child’s scheduled session*

What are these forms?

  1. Adult Intake Form, Minor Intake Form. These forms provide information about you or your child so Insights can craft therapy to be as effective and efficient as possible. Some questions are personal and may be sensitive or even uncomfortable. They are asked in an effort to quickly begin building a complete picture of who you or your child are, which in turn will save valuable therapy time. All client records are strictly confidential and will not be seen by anyone without your written permission unless required by law. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your therapist.
  2. Informed Consent to Treat form. This form details your rights and responsibilities as a client and consents for me to treat you or your child.

 Which forms should I use?

If you are an adult and are the new client, use these forms:

If your child is the new client, use these forms:

 What do I do with these forms?

Please print, complete and bring your Adult Intake Form or Minor Intake Form, Informed Consent to Treat, and (if your child is the new client) the Parent Therapy Support Agreement to your first session. That way, we will be able to begin your therapy at the start of the first appointment.