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Pre-Marital Counseling

Dallas Counseling for Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital counseling helps couples who plan to get married. This pre-marriage counseling can help couples achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage. In pre-marital counseling we work to build techniques for problem-solving, creating intimacy and commitment to the relationship. These skills can help couples deal with sexuality issues, financial management, marital roles, expectations and  just about any situation a married couple might face. We teach couples how to communicate effectively and work as a team to solve problems and manage conflicts without damaging closeness, love, commitment and friendship.  Having open frank discussions about what marriage is and is not helps couples to have realistic expectations.  Often people, especially young people, don’t understand that a marriage is a living organism that will continue changing over time.  They tend to think of it more as a category or condition in which they are just trying to reach.
The Insights therapists who specialize in Pre-Marital Counseling are Mary Sanger and Shawn Chrisman. Call Insights Therapy today at 214.706.0508, click here to email us, or click here to schedule an appointment. Insights offers flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments.
Shawn Chrisman now offers premarital counseling for opposite-sex and same-sex couples using the PREPARE/ENRICH premarital assessment curriculum, together with six one hour feedback sessions. PREPARE/ENRICH has been in existence for over 30 years, used with over 3 million couples, and is the number one premarital inventory and couples’ assessment tool available. This customized online assessment identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas.

How does the PREPARE/EENRICH process work?

1. Contact Shawn at 214.706.0508 to discuss which PREPARE/ENRICH assessment is appropriate for your relationship.

2. Take a 30-45 minute online inventory.

3. Meet as a couple with Shawn for six one-hour private and confidential sessions*.  In these sessions we discuss the findings of the assessment and work through exercises that are developed to highlight the existing relationship strengths, increase relationship skills, and to identify areas of relationship growth. The areas you and Shawn will cover in your work together include the following:

·Explore strength and growth areas

·Strengthen communication skills

·Identify and manage major stressors

·Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model

·Develop a more balanced relationship

·Discuss financial planning and budgeting

·Establish personal, couple and family goals

·Understand and appreciate personality differences

·Build emotional intimacy and connection

The total cost for the program is $599. This covers the online assessment fee and the six feedback sessions. Payment of the first half of the program fee will be due at session one and the second half will be due at session four.

To download the contract for the PREPARE/ENRICH program, click here.

For more information about PREPARE/ENRICH, please visit

*During the course of the program, the couple and therapist may decide the need for additional sessions. These additional sessions will be at the regular session cost of $125 per session.