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High Conflict Co-Parenting

Dallas Counseling for High Conflict Co-Parenting

When a relationship ends, it is easy to focus on the negative emotions that you are feeling toward your co-parent.  Divorce or separation brings immense amounts of change; and feeling overwhelmed, confused, and angry are common responses in these situations.  The simplest conversations between you and your co-parent turn into arguments, every exchange of the child(ren) is stressful, and resentment grows to levels that make cooperating with your co-parent impossible.  Soon the child(ren) are stuck in the middle of the parents’ conflict.

If this sounds like your relationship with your co-parent, it may be helpful to sit down with a neutral third party who will help you discuss issues in a safe environment, prepare a parenting plan, be provided with information on the effects of conflict on children and how to best avoid these situations in the future.

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