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Women with Fertility Problems

Dallas Counseling for Women with Fertility Problems

For women struggling with fertility problems, trying to get pregnant (or maintain a healthy pregnancy) can become an overwhelming challenge. Monthly disappointment, mounting costs associated with trying to get pregnant, hormonal shifts and the strain on your relationships are sometimes too much to bear. Not to mention that you’re expected to continue with your daily responsibilities as though nothing were different.

Know that you’re not alone. Every year, Americans spend millions of dollars in hopes of having a baby. In 2013, more than 165,000 in vitro fertilization procedures were performed in the U.S. and that number is on the rise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that women are having more difficulty getting pregnant but it does reflect the fact that many are waiting until they are older to start families. But age is not the only challenge: genetics, overall health as well as fertility health, weight, medication, lifestyle and even occupational factors can also lower the chances for getting pregnant and carrying a baby full-term.

Women are faced with many issues surrounding childbearing, whether it’s fertility struggles, pregnancy loss or pregnancy termination. We provide support for women with fertility problems including the depression and anxiety that often accompany these issues and for those clients trying to get pregnant, incorporate a mind/body approach that may actually increase their chances of doing so.

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