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Most therapists are seeing clients in-person, following CDC guidelines. Some therapists are also offering virtual sessions.

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Providing Professional Counseling Services


Insights offers a variety of fees based on the level of education, training, and experience of the therapist.  Rates range from $65 to $350 per 50-minutes session.

Murphy Foster

$175 for 50 minute session; $300 for 80 minute session

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Mary Sanger

$210 for a 50-minute individual session; first time individual sessions are $310 and are 80 minutes. I see couples and families for 80-minutes at a rate of $310. My mediation rate is $500 per party for 4-hour sessions and $1000 per party for 8-hour sessions. Each additional hour costs $125 per party.

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Jeff Baldridge

$250 for 50 minute session; $350 for 80 minute session

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Laura Elpers Pierce

$175 for each 45-minute play therapy session; $290 for each 80-minute parent and family consultation session

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Shawn Chrisman

$190 for 50 minute session; $300 for 80 minute session

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Lana Raley

$165 for a 50-minute session; $245 for a 80-minute session

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Angela Mitakidis

$150 for a 50-minute session; $225 for a 80-minute session; mediation fees are $380 per party for half day (4-hours) session and $760 per party for a full day (8 hours). Additional hours are charged at $125 per party per hour.

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Nofar Gal

$130 for a 50-minute session. I see couples and families for a 80-minute session for $190

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Madison King

My rate is $65 for a 50-minute session.

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Laura McMurray

$65 for a 50-minute session

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Dr. Howard Smith

Please contact for rate information

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Payment for services may be by cash, check, credit card or debit card.

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We work for you, not the insurance company. Insights’ goal is to help people deal with and move through life’s difficulties without the diagnosis or labels required by insurance companies.  Instead we believe in diagnosis where it is therapeutic. That’s why Insights decided not to participate in insurance programs.
However, Insights will provide you receipts of your visits so you may contact your insurance company directly to seek “out of network” benefits.  Also, you may use flexible savings accounts (FSAs) or health savings accounts (HSAs) to pay for our services.
We understand some folks need to use insurance to bear some therapy costs. Insights’ option is to offer you therapists with a variety of fees ranging from $65-$250 per hour.  Weekly therapy sessions are often preferred, but meeting less frequently can be economical and ultimately as beneficial. When you call Insights for an appointment, we will help you find the right therapist at an appropriate rate for your situation.