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Who’s the Baby

Dear Roz:

My husband says I am not as much fun since our baby came. I try to pay attention to him, but it is hard when the baby cries, and he says I am a mother now as if that made me an old hag. What do I do?

Dear Friend,

Read the previous answer!!!

Also remember this: People with new babies are thrust into Mother/Daddy roles, and it takes a while to get back into Lover/Lover roles. Meantime, you both need to find ways and time to show each other that you are still Honeys. That will help him get out of his sibling rivalry mode. When you treat him like a man, it’s harder for him to act like a displaced baby.

Of course, if what’s going on is deeper (go online and look up the Madonna-Prostitute Syndrome), therapy may be in order.

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