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Valentine’s Day Coping Strategies — Six Words

When reading Larry Smith’s 2008 book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure, one is sometimes delighted, sometimes devastated, by the six little words chosen by the book’s contributors to sum

up their lives. A few standouts include: “Almost a victim of my family” (Chuck Sangster); “Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity” (Sabra Jennings); and “Write about sex, learn about love” (Martha Garvey).

As we near Valentine’s Day, we at Insights Collaborative Therapy have been thinking a great deal about coping strategies for this often loved, sometimes loathed holiday, a holiday that can be very difficult to endure for those not currently in a relationship. There is a widely accepted and romanticized ideal of how February 14 should be played out. Thanks in part to jewelry, florist, chocolate and lingerie ads, we have come to expect violins upon waking, roses at our doorsteps and extravagant dinners replete with expensive gifts. That’s a lot of pressure even for people who are in healthy and loving relationships; for those are not, it can be downright depressing.

This Valentine’s, instead of focusing on what could be with another person, why not turn your thoughts to what already is: YOU. Practicing self-love is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself, relationship or not. The following six word coping strategies — some sublime, others silly — are designed to get you through the day on Tuesday, and they just may be all the (non-chocolate) food for thought that you need!

It’s my birthright to be sexy.

Two words for dinner: microwave popcorn!

I have my own unique attractiveness.

Scented bath for one–with champagne.

I am being taken care of.

I release expectations and self-judgment.

My confidence comes from the inside.

I will love and pamper myself…

But, today? Not going to gym!

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