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Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body, and Spirit


Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching, reminding us of spring’s perfect opportunity to freshen things up a bit. Sure, your kitchen cabinets or messy garage could probably benefit from a few hours of your attention, but what about your mind, body, and spirit? Ask yourself: are you experiencing daily joy, physical movement, and a sense of gratitude—or could you, too, use a spring cleaning?

Here are some simple tips for clearing out internal clutter in just minutes each day:

  • Even if you’ve long forgotten your New Year’s workout resolution, it isn’t too late to bring it back. Don’t make it complicated; simply find some way to get your body moving every day—even if for only fifteen minutes. Dancing with your kids, walking your dog, or playing Frisbee at a park all count as exercise and they’re fun, too.
  • Speaking of the outdoors, why aren’t you there now? Studies have shown that some daily sun exposure is essential to maintaining healthy vitamin D levels—a key nutrient in warding off numerous physical illnesses and depression.
  • Got five minutes? Try meditating or praying. There are many easy apps (check out Calm and 10% Happier) out there now to guide you toward implementing this healthy habit into your routine. Potential benefits include reduced stress, enhanced self-awareness, and a longer attention span.
  • Don’t forget to include at least one thing each day to which you look forward: It could be a phone call with a dear friend, a relaxing bath with essential oils and a glass of wine, listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite TV show with a loved one.



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