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Might As Well Face It (Are You Addicted to Love?)

Roses and candles. Naughty nighties and chocolates. The celebration of Valentine’s Day is associated with many things that are beautiful and romantic, but for someone who has just ended a relationship or is longing to be in one, Valentine’s Day can also be a painful reminder of “what’s missing” and “what could have been.”

While being truly, madly in love with someone is one of life’s most wonderful gifts,

the euphoric feeling generated in the early stages of a relationship can be not only difficult to sustain but also highly addictive. Several scientific studies have compared the effect of “love” (or, at least passionate feelings) to that of a cocaine high, explaining why some relationships can be so difficult to end, even when the participants are no longer mutually compatible.

Holding on to the idea of a relationship — what it represents in your head versus what’s really going on — is a surefire way to feed a love addiction. Filling your thoughts with negative self-talk is another. Love addiction can certainly be cured (or managed), but it happens only when you make a conscious decision to give and accept love, rather than chase passion at any cost.

This Valentine’s Day, why not practice self-love? Buy yourself a delectable treat or a sexy piece of lingerie, regardless of whether you have a partner. After all, it is when we are comfortable in our own skin and trust ourselves to make wise romantic decisions that we are the most attractive.

Daily Affirmations for Valentine’s Day:
I love myself for all I’ve gone through.
I vow to take care of myself in a good way.
I am capable of living a great life.

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