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How To Lube

Dear Roz,

Television commercials tout lubricants for those of us who suffer from vaginal dryness and make them sound so easy to use and effective. I’ve tried two or three and none seem to work. Any ideas? I don’t want to use hormone replacement therapy.

Dear Friend,

The old standby was KY Jelly, which is tacky, sticky, and yuck. Much better ones are Jo and AstroGlide, both of which approximate the body’s natural lubrication. Technique is important here. Your Honey applies the lubricant to his penis, then s-l-o-w-l-y begins insertion. You get to say, “Stop there a minute” whenever you want to. Gradually your vagina will relax and begin to get into the act, and full insertion will happen. But even then I’d suggest you just soak a little while, not moving, but using your Kegel exercises to give him an internal hug while your tender, shy little vagina gets used to having him. My book Sizzling Sex in 30 Days tells all about it, pages 132-133. Good luck!

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