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8 Things to Do on a Snow Day (print it out, just in case!)

Dallas isn’t known for having many snow days but still, it’s Texas—so almost anything weather-related can happen. What would you do with an unexpected snow day? Or maybe not a snow day but just a “slow” day, or even a self-imposed “mental health” day, one you’ve dedicated to spending (mostly) indoors?

Here are 8 ideas to make the most of your next “snow/slow/mental health” day:

  1. If you enjoy cooking, get in the kitchen and see what you can pull together using what you have on hand. Research recipes you’ve been “meaning to try” and if you’re missing a few ingredients, Google acceptable substitutes. Serve your culinary masterpiece on your best dishes and don’t forget the candles.
  2. Don’t enjoy cooking? There are now myriad food delivery services that, for a few extra dollars, will bring dinner right to your front door. Try an ethnic cuisine you haven’t had before.
  3. If you have young kids, you know how much they love building blanket forts. Once they’ve messed up your living room in the most wonderful way, join them inside the fort for reading time.
  4. Enjoy an at-home spa day. Manicures, pedicures, shoulder massages, and DIY facial masks using kitchen ingredients are all fun ways to pamper yourself and/or your kids. Dogs (and some cats) also appreciate a massage and extra brushing time.
  5. Binge watch that show that’s been sitting on your Netflix (Amazon, etc.) cue for as long as you can remember.
  6. Spend a couple of hours cleaning out your desk drawers, getting ready to file taxes, etc.
  7. Take a bath. Or a nap. Or both.
  8. If it does snow, get outside and enjoy the weather, for as long as it lasts.








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