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Insights Collaborative Therapy Group

Helping individuals and families through all their ages and stages of life

Insights is a talented group of respected professionals who provide counseling, support, and education for individuals, families, and groups through all ages and stages of life. As we collaborate with one another in private practice, our therapists partner with clients in their unique process of growth, learning, and change. We believe the most productive therapy experience is one of mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. Insights is committed to an open environment with a focus on integrity and meaningful work with the goal that our clients can better enjoy, connect with, and contribute to their world.

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Social Media and Our Kids

If you’re the parent of a teen or tween, chances are your child has shown an interest in s ...

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Are Your Boundaries In Place?

Boundaries help define our relationships, and work in two directions: They allow us to determine how closely we ...

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Are You in a Healthy Relationship?

All relationships experience ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Simply put, in any healthy relationship—sometimes are better ...

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Social Media and Our Kids

If you’re the parent of a teen or tween, chances are your child has shown an interest in social media. “All of my friends have Facebook pages and Instagram accounts,” they will assure you. While children under 13 are not technically allowed on most social media sites, there are of course ways for them to get around it. Some parents are okay with their kids lying about their ages in order to set up an account; others don’t know that they already did.

No matter how strongly you may believe that constant access to technology and social media aren’t the best ways for kids to spend their time, it’s nearly impossible these days to avoid them altogether. If you do choose to let your child have social media accounts, here are a few simple guidelines you may find helpful:

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