Jeff Baldridge's Forms

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What are these forms?

  1. Adult Intake form.  This form provides information about you so Insights can craft your therapy to be as effective and efficient as possible. Some questions are personal and may be sensitive or even uncomfortable for you. They are asked in an effort to quickly begin building a complete picture of who you are, which in turn will save valuable therapy time. All client records are strictly confidential and will not be seen by anyone without your written permission unless required by law. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your therapist.

pdf button Jeff's Adult Intake

  1. Office Services and Policies form. This form details your rights and responsibilities as a client and gives your consent for me to treat you.

pdf button Jeff's Office Services and Policies

What do I do with these forms?

Please print, complete and bring your forms to your first session. That way, we will be able to begin your therapy at the start of the first appointment.