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Archive for the ‘Ask Roz’ Category

Stuck in the Middle Again

Dear Roz, It seems like I get stuck in the middle of every relationship. I am the mediator between my ...

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Tarnished Knight

Dear Roz, At 29 years of age I have emotional baggage because I survived an abusive marriage. My current relationship is ...

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Flirty vs. Seductive

Roz,I'm married, and I heard that just flirting with another man is the same as cheating. I heard that " ...

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Mom Wants All the Details!

Dear Roz,I just started dating someone a few months ago, and my mom wants to know all of the ...

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Is There Something Wrong With the English?

Roz,I married an American with an English and Irish background. We have a great marriage, I think. But I ...

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How Often Is Often Enough?

Dear Roz,I've been married for five years, and everything is going great. There's one thing that worries me: our ...

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Vibrator Intro

Dear Roz: How do I ask my partner about using a vibrator and other sex toys?===> What do you ...

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We’re Like Affectionate Roommates

Dear Roz,After 18 years, three challenging kids, house in the suburbs, etc., "Ken" and I are still partners; however, I ...

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Who’s the Baby

Dear Roz: My husband says I am not as much fun since our baby came. I try to pay attention to ...

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Post-Baby Libido Blues

Dear Roz:Since the birth of our first child 5 months ago, my wife isn't interested in sex. I help with ...

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